Andersen Storm

I am a German musician who gained stage experience in show bands. I gained further experience as musician and writer in author-performer and comedy projects and with own performances including self-written stories, lyrics and songs. In recent years I have improved my composing and producing skills. I find excitement and even relaxation in creating songs and production music. I am always open for a good sound, picture and story. I appreciate collaboration, the Baltic sea, a good coffee, traveling and good encounters.

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Andrsen Storm
Demmlerstr. 15
19053 Schwerin

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Andersen Storm

reflective, slow, preceding, serious – uncover unpleasant truths

rueful, reflective and restrained piano accompanied by powerless drum hits – political missteps continue

carefree, simple glockenspiel in dialogue with amusing ukulele and with cozy accompaniment – sit around the Christmas

acoustic, organic, inspiring, contemplative, adventurous – experience a slowly dive in an beautiful environment

energetic, retro-sounding, jazzy, funky – gentlemen walking in a spy style manner

conspiratorial, diffuse atmosphere with suspenseful pulsation – tireless investigations