Time Changing #1

Last night on 22-10-30 at 03:00 AM, Germany has changed from summer time to normal time what means here: GST+1. When I startet writing this article, it was 12:20 PM in Schwerin (Germany), 7:20 PM in Perth (Western Australia), 7:20 AM in New York and 4:20 AM in Los Angeles (USA).

And while I manually changed some clocks, I got aware of upcoming daytime to standard time changings and time zone hopping in generally by myself. So I will hang my social media posts on that for the next two weeks. At this point, Perth and NYC were the most distant places I have been physically. The world is shrinking the distances by digitalization but by far not hybrid enough not to go abroad to see what is really going on. And if I could I would stay longer than a short visit just to experience what it means to be part of the place and to improve my worldview.

So I am happy to get what I can get and take whatever impressions with me I can get conscious of. Like time changings. 🙂

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