Time Change #2

Hello from London, Heathrow. 12:51 local time. Hair lies desperate like always. No rain, but announced. Nothing to see from here–foggy. But we arrived 5 minutes earlier because of a hasty pilot, maybe. I’m going to start over to LA in two hours. I have changed the timezones half an hour ago manually. No net and false bottom onboard, just return to the mother of time: GMT. (Sing GMT like dyna… by ACDC by yourself now!) But everything on this air travel may be without the word I cannot write because of security-based anxiety. By now I have lost that ideab because I’m double-checked, first in Hamburg and now here. I have gone abroad two times and left the EU and the formerly known version of it by passing border controls twice. Double-abroad but still in London. The boarding starts in 20 minutes from now. I finish my bio-coffee and fly on, I think. May the wifi be with us all.

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