Time Change #3

If you have a kind of indifferent afternoon turn it into something new. Change a lame 3 PM into a fresh 8 AM. You can do that by flipping timezones with flapping like a dove. When you fly with your own power with strong arms moving rapidly you can flap a little. Maybe it’s enough. Maybe you need help from an aircraft. Anyway, changing timezones directly on the entrance of the plane is my advice. Time is mindset combined with illumination. That’s why the lights were turned down at 10 AM. Immediately the time was gone. So we went away on clouds hopping from isle to isle while delicious food on wheels hopping from aisle to … row to row, an aisle a time. There and back again. Often enough to cheer up the people. They have to have a good time in this speeding cage, fed up and calmed down by dimmed lights to clinging time. Wich one doesn’t really matter. But you can pretend to spend a whole day at cinema. Entertainment is on board. By watching Elvis (159 min) you can combine being on an endless moment with light induced depression. Then you maybe writing posts like this.

By the way: Writing this was cheering me up. Classical music on my ears delivered from the onboard entertainment system. That’s fine and special considering the height and speed we are on.

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