Time Change #4

It’s time again for time changing. This time time has shifting an hour back to PST (Pacific Standard Time) what means GMT+8. So the difference of 9 hours to the MEST in Germany is restored again. I left the Open Mic Theater yesterday-no, today-short after midnight. I would have been #55 in the queue and the colleges who pushed me to subscribe where long gone to bed. So did I without being heard when I had applauded my community members since more than three hours. It’s every time heartwarming to see them supporting each other on this conference days. That let me be thankful too for the North Eastern German musician’s community support around my friends there meeting in an beautiful wooden house on a pond nearby a lake back home on next Sunday night 9 hours ahead in time. Times and cultures may be shifting music makes my world go round. Have a nice time everybody.

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