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  • Bio


    The German Singer/Songwriter, Musician and Producer Andersen Storm (59, real name Andreas Beck) has gained stage experience in show bands way back in time. Later on he formed a personal band as well as performed periodically as an author-performer in comedy projects with self written stories, lyrics, and songs.

  • Time Change #3

    If you have a kind of indifferent afternoon turn it into something new. Change a lame 3 PM into a fresh 8 AM. You can do that by flipping timezones with flapping like a dove. When you fly with your own power with strong arms moving rapidly you can flap a little. Maybe it’s enough.…

  • Time Change #2

    Hello from London, Heathrow. 12:51 local time. Hair lies desperate like always. No rain, but announced. Nothing to see from here–foggy. But we arrived 5 minutes earlier because of a hasty pilot, maybe. I’m going to start over to LA in two hours. I have changed the timezones half an hour ago manually. No net…

  • Welcome!


    Welcome to my composer and producer website. I am a member of taxi.com and enjoy the collaboration and community there. In the future you will also find examples of my work here on this blog.