What Stewart Copeland said to me about being a film composer in summer 2022

I had the chance to ask Stewart Copeland (The Police) a question on my own interrest. Here is what he answered.

Good things happen by chance to those who are prepared. That’s how it was in this case: Stewart Copeland (Drummer, Composer, The Police) stopped by to kick off his Police Deranged for Orchestra world tour in my hometown on 7/22/15. And I had the opportunity to meet him at a press conference. Just for a quick interview for the city’s TV station. No reason not to ask what interests me because he was/is a colleague of mine in a way. So Stewart Copeland: Would you say that you’ve improved as a composer by getting a job in film music? You can find the answer in this short video clip.

Thank you Stewart Copeland for being such a kind, inspiring person. Thanks for the music. Many thanks to the Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater for bringing Mr Copeland here. Many thanks to TV Schwerin for the opportunity to do this. Thank you Taxi.com for guiding us on a learning path.

Andersen Storm, 2022


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