The German Singer/Songwriter, Musician and Producer Andersen Storm (59, real name Andreas Beck) has gained stage experience in show bands way back in time. Later on he formed a personal band as well as performed periodically as an author-performer in comedy projects with self written stories, lyrics, and songs.

You would think that he would have a broad fan base. For various reasons, that is not yet the case.

Just as the career was about to take off, after the fall of the Berlin Wall and German reunification, some 30 years ago, he had become the father of two little girls and decided to stay in a small town in northern Germany, be there for his family and build up a self-employed business as a media designer. This went well, but reached its limits. So he worked for a long time for a state association as a press spokesman and communications officer in a journalist manner.

But cultural side projects, such as the reading stage groups or the podcaster activity (2005-2008 with over 500 episodes in his spare time), which was very early for Germany, did not make Andersen happy. While he was able to use his musical ability here, he could not generate the necessary resources to let his music out and connect to early studio experiences.

In 2020 he changed his life to have time for writing, producing and performing his own songs as a singer/songwriter. Those plans were partially cashiered by the Corona pandemic. That led to a TAXI membership and now, three years later, the time has come to relaunch with new material. As a latecomer, admittedly. However, Andersen Storm is convinced that a audience is waiting for people like him, ready to rediscover their music, regardless of age, and will enjoy combining new impulses and sounds with familiar songwriting quality.